Efficient Waste Disposal Services In Greater Manchester

Waste Wizards accepts all waste except for hazardous materials such as asbestos or wet paints and oils. If you are unsure if we will accept your waste or not, please contact us.


Waste Wizards Prices

The price we charge depends on the volume (in cubic yards) and type of waste to be collected. If it is particularly heavy waste material like rubble, bricks or soil we may charge by weight.  Our rates include two-person labour, collection, recycling/disposal charges and a sweep-up afterwards. 
Please see our rates below and get in touch for a free no-obligation estimate. 
We can also offer discounted rates for regular custom.

What We Cannot Take

For Health & Safety and regulatory reasons, we cannot remove the following:

  • Asbestos

  • Biological or medical waste

  • Oil, petrol or diesel

  • Paint, or paint cans (Unless empty)

  • Raw meat or raw fish (Unless packaged) 

  • Toxic substances 

Garbage Dump Pick-Up & Hauling

Load Sizes & Prices

1 Yard (Minimum)

Max: 100kg 
Labour (2 man): 10 minutes
Including VAT: £48

2 Yards (1/8 Truck)

Max: 200kg
Labour (2 man): 15 minutes
Including VAT: £72

4 Yards (1/4 Truck)

Max: 400kg
Labour (2 man) 20 minutes
Including VAT: £120

7 Yards (1/2 Truck)

Max: 700kg
Labour (2 man): 30 minutes
Including VAT: £180

7 cubic yards example.JPG

10 Yards (3/4 Truck)

Max: 1000kg
Labour (2 man) 45 minutes
Including VAT: £240

14 Yards (Full Truck)

Max: 1200kg
Labour (2 man): 60 minutes
Including VAT: £300

14 cubic yards example.JPG
supplements waste wizards.JPG
small load example.JPG
2 cubic yards example.JPG

"A fantastic service provided! Efficient friendly staff who seem to go out of their way to work in a timeframe that suits you (the customer) best! All at a fair price."

Extra 15 minutes labour: £12

4 cubic yards example.JPG
10 cubic yards example.JPG